Arab-Afro Digital Payment Awards

25th April 2024

17:00hrs – 19:30 hrs.

Introducing the Arab-Afro Digital Payment Awards, a platform that celebrates and acknowledges the exceptional contributions of organizations, associations, and service providers within the financial services, e-commerce, and retail sectors in the Middle East and Africa. We recognize the trailblazers and visionaries who are reshaping access to finance, fostering innovation, and enhancing convenience and affordability in the fintech, e-commerce, and retail domains.

We extend our applause to the brilliant minds driving groundbreaking technologies across all aspects of payments, whether they emerge from start-ups, banks, payment companies, e-commerce platforms, retail establishments, or technology solution providers. These pioneers shine with their cutting-edge research and advancements, setting new benchmarks of excellence in the field.

This distinguished award ceremony serves as both a measure of excellence and an inspiration for other organizations, startups, and retail entities to pursue their own aspirations and contribute to the evolution of payment innovation. The event is committed to acknowledging the trendsetters and industry leaders from the vibrant Middle East and Africa, spotlighting their remarkable accomplishments in propelling payment innovation and reshaping the e-commerce and retail landscapes.

Join us in commemorating the exceptional achievements of these visionaries and their transformative impact on the Fintech, e-commerce, and retail sectors. Together, we pave the way for a future where innovation, convenience, and affordability redefine the realm of payments.


  • 17:00 Registration & Networking
  • 17:30 Cultural Entertainment
  • 17:45 Opening Remarks by the EMCEE
  • 17:40 Welcoming Address by the Host
  • 17:50 Award Ceremony
  • 19:00 Closing Remarks by the EMCEE
  • 19:30 Cultural Entertainment & Close of the Arab-Afro Digital Payment Awards

Deadline for Award Application – 18th March 2024


Award Categories

Leadership Products
  • Payment Innovator of the Year
  • Payment CEO of the Year
  • Ecommerce CEO of the Year
  • Retail CEO of the Year
  • Fintech CEO of the Year
  • Outstanding Leadership in Digital Transformation
  • Visionary Leader in Payments
  • Most Influential Payment Business Leader
  • Emerging Leader in Digital Financial Services
  • Emerging Leader in Payment Business
  • Emerging Leader in Card Business
  • Leadership in Financial Inclusion
  • Excellence in Payment Regulatory Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Leader in Fintech
  • Thought Leader in Payment Innovation
  • Inspirational Leader in Digital Banking
  • Leadership in Open Banking Initiatives
  • Leadership in Payment Security
  • Leadership in Sustainable Payments
  • Disruptive Leader in the Payments Industry
  • Leadership in Contactless Payments
  • Leadership in Mobile Wallets
  • Leadership in Real-Time Payment Systems
  • Best Payment App of the Year
  • Most Innovative Payment Card
  • Outstanding Digital Wallet Solution
  • Top Contactless Payment Solution
  • Excellence in Merchant Payment Services
  • Best Peer-to-Peer Payment Platform
  • Innovative Mobile Banking Solution
  • Most Secure Payment Solution
  • Exceptional Cross-Border Payment Product
  • Best Payment Gateway Provider
  • Cutting-Edge Biometric Payment Technology
  • Revolutionary Payment POS System
  • Leading Prepaid Card Program
  • Excellence in Payment Acquiring Services
  • Outstanding Payment Infrastructure Solution
  • Innovative E-commerce Payment Solution
  • Best Loyalty and Rewards Program
  • Emerging Payment Product of the Year
  • Best Payment API Integration
  • Excellence in Payment Data Analytics
  • Best E-Commerce Platform
  • Most Innovative E-Commerce Product
  • Outstanding E-Commerce Product for Customer Engagement
  • Best E-Commerce Product for Seamless Checkout Experience
Technology Startups
  • Top Payment Processing Platform
  • Best Payment Security Solution
  • Outstanding Payment Gateway Provider
  • Excellence in Fraud Prevention Solutions
  • Leading Blockchain Payment Provider
  • Best Digital Identity Verification Solution
  • Innovative Open Banking Technology
  • Excellence in Payment Switching Solutions
  • Top Real-Time Payment System Provider
  • Best Payment Tokenization Service
  • Leading Biometric Authentication Solution
  • Excellence in Payment Infrastructure Solutions
  • Innovative AI-Powered Payment Solution
  • Top Mobile POS Technology Provider
  • Best Payment Data Management System
  • Leading Payment Testing and Certification Service
  • Excellence in Payment Integration Solutions
  • Innovative Data Privacy and Security Solution
  • Best Cloud-Based Payment Technology
  • Leading Payment Software Provider
  • Best E-Commerce Platform Integration
  • Most Innovative E-Commerce Technology
  • Outstanding Mobile Commerce Solution
  • Best E-Commerce Solution for Analytics and Insights
  • Best in E-Commerce Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Most Promising Fintech Startup
  • Best Innovative Payment Startup
  • Outstanding Digital Wallet Startup
  • Excellence in Peer-to-Peer Payments
  • Top Cross-Border Payment Startup
  • Best Emerging Blockchain Payment Startup
  • Innovative Mobile Banking Startup
  • Most Disruptive Payment Startup
  • Exceptional E-commerce Payment Startup
  • Best Payment API Startup
  • Leading Biometric Payment Startup
  • Excellence in Contactless Payment Solutions
  • Innovative Payment POS Startup
  • Top Prepaid Card Startup
  • Best Payment Analytics Startup
  • Outstanding Financial Inclusion Startup
  • Excellence in Remittance Services Startup
  • Innovative Payment Infrastructure Startup
  • Top Emerging Payment Gateway Startup
  • Best Payment Technology Innovation Startup