This exclusive event will gather leading professionals, policy makers, and decision makers, who are pushing for pioneering the latest digital payments and empowering the financial sector of the Arab-Afro world with the latest technologies and strategies.


  • Branding: Establish your company name as a key industry player in the customers mind.
  • Networking: Extend your business network and expand your business options.
  • Lead Generation: Generate high quality leads through face-to-face interaction with a large, targeted audience.
  • Promotion: Promote your product brochures, details directly with the decision makers of the industry.
  • Direct Business: Engage in 1-1 meeting directly with your key clients through our business service.
  • Maximise ROI: Achieve your business objective in a cost and time effective way.
  • Marketing Benefits: Explore option of extensive marketing campaign throughout the event marketing cycle and create a brand recall.
  • Limitless Reach: Over 2 days our exhibition floor will allow access to 2000+ relevant industry professionals to visit and review your company’s unique solutions.



  • Exclusive Presentation: Share your knowledge and experience through an exclusive presentation session directly to the gathered audience.
  • Join as a Panelist: Join exclusive discussion panels and share your insights on crucial topics, which are currently trending and effecting the industry.
  • Moderate Sessions: As an industry leader explore the scope of joining a panel or interview a guest speaker on the subject matter as a moderator and summaries the session outcome.
  • Case-Study Session: Share real-time experiences to showcase how limitations and challenges can be resolved through your solutions.
  • Exclusive Networking: Avail access for exclusive networking with key industry leaders and C-Suite decision makers of the sector.
  • Unlearn to Learn: Collect insights from the decision makers of your potential market, understand their need and solve their requirement with your unique products.
  • Speaker Promotion: Exclusive promotional campaigns through content and digital marketing channels exclusive for our speakers and knowledge sharers.