BizNewsConnect (formerly BusinessJournalist) is a part of The CONNECT series launched by media veteran, author, columnist B N Kumar (BNK for friends) as a service for Media and Communication professionals during the COVID era when newspapers were not getting printed.

PR professionals also had a tough time in meeting their client requirements as many websites run by newspapers would not use most of the Press Releases. Even after the resumption of printing, newspapers had space constraints.

BNK launched four websites catering to different audiences: – for Business and national & International News with dedicated pages for Corona Care, Startups, Real Estate, IT, Banking  etc.,

The site today enjoys over 3 lakh views (and counting).

The International Award winning media start-up

Media Partner – 3rd Edition Connected Africa 2023 – Africa’s Premier Telecom Summit.

Media Partner – India’s Largest Startup Summit 21by72

Media Partner- 8th Connected Banking Summit – South Africa – focusing on city related developments, local issues. – Reputation management, advertising, PR etc., – dealing with the environment related issues (Nature+Connect=NatConnect, inspired  by the UN-driven World Environment Day theme to Connect with Nature) &

Youtube channel – –

BNK – is a seasoned, Mumbai-based media professional with over 45 years of experience. Having been raised in an army household, he learnt the importance of service, discipline, commitment and fairness at an early age. An Osmania University-Hyderabad alumnus, BNK learnt journalism during the most trying times for media when Indira Gandhi had imposed the infamous Emergency and brought in press censorship.

He worked with the Indian Express, The Daily News and The Skyline in Hyderabad before moving to Mumbai. In 1977, he joined the Free Press Journal as a sub-editor. His inquisitiveness led him to shift from the desk job to field as a reporter with the United News of India (UNI), the Number 1 wire agency at that time with a reputation of being first with the news.

He was part of the team that set up O&M PR (now Ogilvy PR) which pioneered agency PR in the country. BNK later went on to work with Indian Express, Mid-Day and Business India. He also contributed articles to The Times of India and magazines such as Sunday, Onlooker, Surya India and The Week.

In his PR innings, he worked with Reliance Industries Limited, Reliance Infocomm, Capital Images, Beehive Communication and Concept PR.

BNK currently manages news-based websites called BizNewsConnect, TheImageNewsConnect, TheCityNewsConnect, NatConnectFoundation and a Youtube channel – The CONNECT TV. He also runs a not-for-profit platform NatConnect Foundation that focuses on preserving the environment. BNK has received over 30 awards for his contribution in the field of Journalism, PR and as an environmentalist.

He designs and conducts media training sessions for corporates and delivers guest lectures for students in various Universities and colleges. He is highly regarded in his fraternity and is an inspiration to young journalists.

BNK is known for his thought-provoking messaging through his ‘art’icles