MS Solutions

MS Solutions offers agile, seamless, and secure digital payment solutions for professionals. The company has become a trusted partner for numerous national and international businesses, with over 250 clients across 26 countries, particularly in Africa.

For more than 10 years, MS Solutions has been supporting its clients by providing technical and industry-specific expertise. As a digital payment solutions publisher, the company operates in four major sectors: banking, telecommunications, governmental entities, billers and retail.

Since its inception, MS Solutions’ mission has been to support its clients in their digital transformation by offering innovative technological solutions to optimize their payment value chain.

To enhance its clients’ experience, MS Solutions offers customized technological solutions. The company covers the entire payment value chain, providing payment methods, acquisition means, and processing throughout the chain.

With a commercial presence in 26 countries and serving more than 250 clients, MS Solutions is a key player in the international digital payment market.

Choosing MS Solutions means opting for a reliable and experienced partner that will accompany you throughout your digital journey.